Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally back at it!

After a long and very hard winter, The Urban Owl is finally back in action.  Spring is here and bringing us a whole slew of green goodies to start off the season.  We are also expanding our network of backyard farms and pictured below is our winter effort.  The home owner has proudly named her new plot "Yardbird Farm".  We will be planting an old variety of Japanese Edemame (soybean) for a cover crop and to help condition the soil even further.

This week will be our first delivery week of the season, so get ready for your greens fix!  Pictured below is part of our harvest including Siberian Dwarf Blue Kale, and a great photo showing how we tightly space various greens.  This steel triangle houses dwarf Asian stir fry greens, French mesclun salad mix and our favorite, wild arugula that is super spicy and savory.  Enjoy!

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